Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Trip to Italy

Hey this is Laura again guest hosting Jess Hi Johanna!!!!!!!!! we miss you!!!!!!! we loved Italy it was amazing sooo beautiful but the stupid plane ride there ahhhhh some stupid kid stold my seat and then i had to sit behind him and he put the seat back all the way and i was squished :( booo. that was no fun oh ya and we had to run to a couple flights that was intresting...but just being there was really really nice. In Germany we had about an hour so Jess and I got some water and when we got it the guy who gave it to us made fun of us becasue we said YEP he was just like YEP YEP YEP and then he laughed at us :). I had some bad times everyone laughed at me(can not speak italian) but thats ok you know how that goes for me :). The food was sooooo good we love our pasta. We also loved the guys they were sooo hott!!! oh ya and we loved all the other stuff we saw too. We learned ALOT about the culture and how they have no personal space and like to ask random questions..ya if you didn't get Jess's e-mail I'm sending you one on facebook anyway. All the stupid Texas people made fun of our Wisconsin accents so i made fun of theirs hahaha ya'll. We both really loved Capri and the bay of Naples. I got in trouble in the church of wearing to short of shorts so i got a shawl thing to put over them but i guess i put it on wrong because when the nun saw me she came over and started screaming at me..and to make it worse i couldn't understand her becasue it was all in Italian i did get it when she said no no no... it was not fun. Jess did however get a good kick out of it. She was holding back so hard to not laugh. We also were very naughty girls and snuck a bottle of wine after Mrs. Zwicke went to bed :) all the other tour groups got to drink and they aslo got to go out without someone staring over their shoulder. We were stuck with the adults the whole time..gayness. We got to swim in the Atriatic sea and the Bay of Naples(we liked this one better). We thought our bus driver Francceso was really creapy blahh. and we say some hot guy do a wheely showing off for us cute americans lol and he almost crashed! Jess sliped and fell at that moment and almost missed it. It was my cursed sandles she sliped in of course becasue you know she whould never slip without them. well yes i think that is about it for now. Good bye hope you all enjoyed our little adventure stories.
Love always,
Laura and Jess

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Back in Sweden

It feels so wierd being back in Sweden. So nuts! Only a few days ago, I was with friends in Park Falls, hanging out, water skiing, graduating...

And now I'm here, i this huge city; Stockholm. And by the way It's so darn hot outside, I can hardly stand it! :P

But, Except my "culture chock reverse" , it's just great here. :)

My flight went all right, though I was like 18 pounds over with both my bags! At the airport of Stockholm, mom dad Karl Agnes and Henrik welcomed me with Swedish hats, scarves, flags and balloons. We were all laughing and crying, finally all together again!

And today I got a letter from my school, saying............ I got in! *phoue* What a releaf :)
Friday I'm flying to Paris and Geneve. I'll tell you all about that when I get back, but first, lets put up some pictures of those Americans that I love more than anything.

Monday, June 2, 2008

tjugo minuter

for ca tjugo minuter sedan vacktes jag av att mamma Josie kramade om mig. For tjugo minuter sedan fick jag saga hejda till Josie som ar pa vag tillbaka till Las Vegas. Askbuller hors langt bort, drar sig sakta mot Park Falls, och jag har svart att somna om.

Pa onsdag galler det. Pa onsdag aker jag verkligen fran Park Falls, till Wasau Airport. Starten pa min langa resa hem till Sverige.
Allt kanns sa overkligt. Nu hander det.

Saturday, May 31, 2008


Ojoj, sa mina gastbloggare skriver oftare an vad jag gor!! XD
Men sahar var det:
I torsdags under personal finance lektionen tankte jag skriva lite i bloggen. Men lararen ropade fram mig till kateden, och nar jag kom tillbaka, satt Rachel och skrev. Gosh I love her!
Och samma kvall (?) var Laura hemma hos mig. Annu en gang tankte jag skriva i bloggen, men asch da, jag somnade och nar jag vakna satt hon med laptopen i knat, och skrev.
Thank thank you soo much for your kind words Laura and Rachel! I love you both!!! Im going to
miss everyone sooo soooo much when I go back to Sweden. But,you never know if Laura will pop up in my blog again!! (you know the password hun!)

So today is the day I am graduating from Park Falls High! I will probably cry at the cermony, It has been an awsome experience!!
Ok nog med engelska, det ar ju typ bara svennar som laser min blogg och for er kan jag lika garna skriva svenska. SA japp, avslutningen startat om ca tva timmar, jag har stadat mitt rum, ska damsuga, ta pa mig min vita gown och kora i min gula mustang ner till skolans gymnastiksal. Jag hjalpte till att forbereda hallen igar. Det ar jattefint! Hela byn kommer ju fa plats dar inne!!
Jag ar pirrig!


Friday, May 30, 2008

A Little Bit of Park Falls to all the Sweeds Out There

hej This is Laura one of Johanna's American friends, but that is most likely obvious because i am writing in English. I'm sure all of you know that Johanna just spent a year in America but not just America she lived in Park Falls, Wisconsin. It's different enough coming to a new country but moving from Stockholm to Park Falls is a big change. In Stockholm everything is crazy and big and just full of excitement. Well in Park Falls, you can almost name every single person in our high school. If that doesn't give you a good picture we have like 3,000 people in the whole town which by the way you can walk across the whole town without getting tired. So that is our town good old Park Falls. If something happens here within the next couple minutes everyone knows. It is one of the negative parts of living in this small town. Drama Drama Drama that is the thyme song of this town it's okay though we get used to it. Today was the last day of school for the seniors. It was very sad to see them all go espically Johanna. She is a great girl and i don't know what I am going to do without her when she goes home. She is going to graduate on Saturday and everyone should be very proud of her. She has done great things in this little town of Park Falls and made a great impression on a lot of us here. I think I speak for everyone when i say she will be greatly missed here. Anyone who knows her in Sweden should feel honered because she is a great girl! Love you Johanna

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Johanna is my bud

I met Johanna at the beginning of my junior year at Park Falls High School. Johanna and I might be completely different people but I have never met a better person. Johanna has taught me many things though we didnot get close until second semester. Johanna's humor could make anyone laugh. Always in the best of mood ecspecially when I am feeling down, I hope I have returned the favor.

She is a very beautiful girl inside and out with many dreams. I may be a hick from a small town but I still know good people when I meet them. I hope that she follows her dreams farther than the stars, with no one holding her back. I will never forget Johanna, she has made the sun shine for me.

Love always,
Rachel Anne Wagner

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

memorial day

idag var det memorial day
ganska sa nice eftersom vi var lediga fran skolan
ganska sa sorgligt nar jag grat som ett barn, vi uppmanades att agna tankarna at de doda.